Energy Healing

Energy Healing




Working with energy healing that is designed uniquely for you. Energy Healing is a combined treatment for the whole person.


Activating the healing process will bring a new awareness to the key areas of life that could be having a small or greater stress on you. Therefore effecting you on the many different levels, physical, mental, emotional or spiritually that could be causing you to feel out of balance.

I draw upon an array of modalities, tools and experience gathered over many years:

  • Thorough client consultation

  • Balancing with Energy techniques

  • Intuitive Astrology (basic birth chart)

  • Divination and Oracle cards

  • kinesiology techniques- blended and incorporated

  • Gentle hands on Healing and Chakra Balancing

  • Crystals

  • Aromatherapy and more



Energy is everywhere in our lives, and most importantly it is about awareness of how we direct this energy to serve our selves and therefore function effectively to be the best we can be. 

A unique form of healing work that is gentle and caring, working for the highest priority for you.


This healing is balancing and recharging, and the goal is to bring balance, empowerment, and a renewed sense of awareness, calm and peace to life.

Initial 1st Session 1.5 Hours $150

Returning Client Session 1 Hour $125

Recommended x3 Initial sessions

To see progressive results

(see special series pack below)






*If you have any questions in regards to these sessions, please feel very free to be in touch

Energy Healing 
Series 3 Pack

1.5 Hours

Recommended for seeing progressive results.

For your Initial appointments purchase in a series of 3 pack, for working on a goal and creating long lasting results.


First Initial Sessions 1.5 Hours x 3 $420 (value $450)


Series Packs

Conditions and terms:

Expiry is 6 months from date of purchase

Payment for packs made in one initial payment only

Strictly one person use only per pack

No refunds or changes to pack purchased

No discounts to purchase packs



No discounts available for Energy Work

Unless purchasing in a pack

Cancellations to appointments within 24 Hours notice will be charged a 100% Cancellation Fee