7 Chakras

There are seven main chakra centers located in the body where energy flows through. Starting at the base of the spine working up to the top of the head (however there are many more Chakras throughout the body, this is the start base for working with energy).


The chakras are like wheels or disks that spin evenly and in a gentle clockwise harmony. 

When out of balance, out of sync or portion with one another, this can cause in-balance. 

When energy becomes blocked or stagnant, this can lead to illness or dis-ease, stagnation, feeling stuck and discomfort.

It is good to have an understanding of theses energy centers as they communicate where the energy needs to move freely.

A brief explanation of the Seven core Chakra's
Base or Root Chakra
Colour Ruby Red
Located at the base of the spine/tail bone
Connection to the Earth, material-financial & physical needs
Sacral Chakra
Colour Orange
Located above the base chakra under the navel. This is the creative center
Solar Plexus Chakra
Colour Yellow
Located just below the rib cage. This is the seat of personal power & how we assert ourselves. Self esteem, confidence and assertiveness
Heart Chakra
Colour Green
Located just above the solar plexus, in the position just above the heart. This is love, for ourselves and for others
Throat Chakra
Colour Blue
Located at the center of the throat. The power center of communication, speaking our truth and self expression
Third Eye/Intuition Chakra
Colour Purple
Located in the center of the forehead between the two brows. Intuition, imagination & to see the whole picture
Crown Chakra
Colour Indigo
Located at the top middle of the head. This is the connection to source life force energy and divine
Chakra & Energy Balancing
90 Minutes
1st Initial Appointment
(please allow up to 1.45hr)
New Clients
75 Minutes
Returning Clients only

This is a gentle & yet powerful hands on healing that restores balance to the body’s energy system on many different levels.


Balance and realign your Chakra's, giving you a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing to your whole energy field and system.


Please note this includes discussion time & if you are a new client, consultation will be also added to your treatment time.




Chakra & Energy
Series 3 Pack

Chakra & Energy



This gentle hands on energy balancing series of three treatments is highly recommended to see progressive results with notable positive changes within your energy system: physical, mental and emotional levels.


*This series of three is for progressive results and in place for working on goals. You will need to book in for the first Initial 1.5 Hour appointment before purchasing this pack*



1 Hour 15 Minute x 3 Sessions

$390 (value $405)







Payment for full pack needs to be made by the time of the first appointment

Please see series packs Ts & Cs below

Combined Massage
& Chakra Energy

2 Hours 


This is the ultimate treatment combining a 1 Hour Massage and 1 Hour Chakra Energy Balancing.

 Starting with a 1 hour massage to relax and unwind, finishing with a gentle hands on Chakra and Energy balancing treatment.


Perfect for relieving stress and built up tension. Restoring calm and bringing peace to your body and whole energy system.

Please note this includes discussion time & if you are a new client, consultation will be also added to your treatment time.

2 Hours $215

Healing Series Packs

Conditions and terms:

Expiry is 12 months from date of purchase

Payment for packs made in one initial payment only

Strictly one person use only per pack

No refunds or changes to pack purchased

No further discounts to purchased packs



No discounts available for Energy Work

Unless purchasing in a series pack

Cancellations to any appointments within 48 Hours notice and on the day will be charged a 100% Cancellation Fee