Firmer Pressure                               

A firmer pressure massage that focuses on problematic areas, to eliminate muscular pain & tension. Release toxins, stagnation and congestion.


A soothing full body massage using gentle pressure, and techniques tailored to your areas of concern. Using hand blended 100% pure essential oil to restore, relax and rebalance the body.

Pregnancy Massage 75 Minutes

Ease and sooth muscle tension & tiredness with a relaxing massage, using support pillows

and massage techniques tailored to your stage of pregnancy. A beautiful rich and nourishing oil

of organic Jojoba & Vitamin E is applied to hydrate tired and stretched skin.

Massage is only available after the first trimester. This includes consultation time.

Body Therapies - Services

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Massage Pricing

60 Minutes $95
75 Minutes $120
90 Minutes $145
 All Cient's

Please be on time to start your treatment.
This is to ensure you receive your full treatment time. 
Please consider others.

New Clients 
A new client consultation form will be sent to you digitally prior to your appointment.


Add On & Combined Treatments

*Please note when you click to book an Add On they will already be combined with all massage or body exfoliation options*

Body Therapies




Dry Mitt Full Body Exfoliation

30 Minute $65


Add onto 1 Hour Massage $50

Detox and stimulate through body exfoliation. Improve lymphatic flow and blood circulation. This stimulating and reviving treatment rejuvenates tired aching muscles, and removes dry dead skin cells. Improves energy and oxygenates the cells. Improves skin elasticity, decreases cellulite, encourages detoxification and targets build up of toxins and lactic acid that can accumulate. This treatment is perfect to add onto any massage, as it will increase the benefits of your treatment.

Application of Grape Stem cell, white tea and seaweed body butter to deeply nourish skin.


Scalp and facial Massage

Add On Treatment 15 Minutes $35

Add on to any Massage. Recommended alleviate stress, headaches, migraines, sinus congestion & tension,TMJ and tight jaw. Using pressure points to relieve tension in your scalp, and facial muscle's that will melt you into a world of bliss. Product: Organic Golden Jojoba & Orange Oil to nourish and hydrate.


Acupressure Point

Foot Massage

Add On Treatment 15 Minutes $35

Add on to any Massage. Release tension and pressure in your feet through pressure points that will melt away any pain, strain and stiffness. Choose an application of Grape Stem cell, white tea and seaweed body butter or Coconut and Argan Body Oil.

Recommended for runners and massage lovers.

Combined Treatments



Be of The Earth and Stars

2 Hours 

Combined Add On

Full body dry mitt or brush exfoliation and application of Grape Stem cell, white tea and seaweed body butter to deeply nourish
into the deep into the layers of skin. Your body will be revitalised balanced and grounded to the earth, and your skin silky smooth & hydrated.


Reach for the stars and be melted into a world of sensory bliss with your 1 hour Massage of choice, acupressure foot, and acupressure scalp and facial Massage. 

Finishing with the quartz crystal singing bowl to align and balance.



Combined Massage
& Chakra Energy


2 Hours 


This is the ultimate treatment combining a

1 hour Massage and 1 hour Chakra Energy Balance.

 Starting with a 1 hour massage to relax and unwind, finishing with a gentle hands on Chakra and Energy balancing treatment.


Perfect for relieving stress and built up tension. Restoring calm and bringing peace to your body and whole energy system.

Please note this includes discussion time & if you are a new client, consultation will be also added to your treatment time.