March 2020 Update
Body therapies
Health and Safety
With the current health concerns surrounding the corona virus, I would like to assure you at Body Therapies I am taking extra measures than usual to keep a safe and healthy work environment to ensure health, safety and hygiene, for the best protection for all my clients and the community to stay well.
Stay informed, stick with the facts and most importantly stay well. See all updates here from Ministry of health:
Keep your immune system strong by drinking lots of fluids, herbal teas that are immune boosting herbs, and eat well. Get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
Please note on arrival of your appointment there is hand sanitiser next to the seat by the door. However regular hand washing with hot soapy water for 20 seconds and drying with paper towel is the most important. 
Please click on the link below for Health NZ website for safety and precautions.
Take a look here for more details on how to maintain good safe hygiene practices. And get all the facts up to date via
If you are feeling unwell at all or showing any symptoms of illness, fever, cold, flu, or vomiting etc. No matter how minor it may seem. I ask you to please be in contact with me immediately via phone 0221716422 to cancel or re schedule your appointment. Please note below Body Therapies booking information and policies.    
If you think you may of been in contact or may have had symptoms of the corona virus then you need to go to to Health NZ website for all the factual information.
This is your first point of call/contact to start the process, by gaining the facts and know the procedures, rather than panic.
As some media and social information sources could be misleading. If you have had a recent booking at Body therapies, and have since had any changes in your health and circumstances please be in contact immediately with Megan.
I wish you well and look forward to seeing you soon.
Body Therapies
Important Booking Details


Once you have booked your appointment


  • You will receive two emails and an SMS.


The first email will be a confirmation with your full booking details. ie: Where to come, what time to arrive and what to do.


Your second email will be a reminder 5 days prior to your scheduled appointment.

You will be sent an automatic SMS reminder 24hrs prior to your appointment.

Changing your appointment

I understand things come up at the last minute, and you may have to reschedule. If you need to make any changes to your appointment I would recommend you doing it with plenty of notice.

Email confirmation: Change your appointment Button  Need to change your booked appointment? You can from your email confirmation and also the reminder email 5 days out of your appointment.

At the bottom of your emails click on the change or cancel button this will take you to the calendar to change your appointment. 

Appointments book out quickly from 2-4 weeks in advance. So please be mindful when booking an appointment. If you do need to reschedule or cancel, please do so with plenty of notice (see Cancellation policy below) so that another person could benefit.

Body Therapies has a wait List, however notice given to a client  needs to be reasonable. Last minute appointments can not always be filled, and therefore the appointment ends up missed and this is a loss to all.







Wait List

Please contact Megan directly with the following details:

  • Your first and last name

  • Email address

  • Mobil number

  • Date/s and Time frame for availability

  • How many weeks you would like to be on the wait list

  • Most importantly - How much notice you need

Cancellation Policy

48 Hours Notice is required to cancel your appointment

Canceling within this time frame may result in a 100% cancellation fee to cover the unfilled appointment. You may also receive an invoice to cover this. You need to contact Megan directly to make any changes within this period. 0221716422

  • If you reschedule your appointment within 48-24hrs notice the above fee may also be reduced, this is also depending on individual circumstances. ie: Illness, emergency or injury, and if appointments are able to be filled.

  • Why not send someone in your place to your appointment! Avoid any cancellation fees and all you need to do is contact me directly with the new clients full name, email and mobil number. 

  • Unwell/Illness/Injury

If you are unwell and showing any signs of illness: first symptoms of cold or flu, fever, vomiting, diarrhea coughing, running nose or sneezing, or have been in contact with any type of virus that could potentially be contagious. You need to reschedule or cancel your appointment.


If you have sustained any injuries or anything else that could potentially be a barrier to treatment you need to be in contact with me directly and as soon as possible to discuss this to make sure your treatment can go ahead.

I understand illness, extreme circumstances or emergency can not always be predicted. Therefore in some cases you may be exempt from the cancellation fee.  


Please do not arrive to your appointment unwell on the day as this will result in full cancellation and 100% charge applied to cover your appointment. If in doubt please contact me with as much notice as possible to discuss and to reschedule. Please be mindful and considerate of others. 

  • On the day cancellations, No Shows or failure to give sufficient notice to change or cancel an appointment will result in 100% cancellation fee.

  • Late arrivals for appointments are charged 100% for full appointment time

  • Series Packs: All cancellation policy and bookings also apply to pre purchased series packs. See full terms and conditions for pre purchased packs here


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