Booking Information

Covid Protection Frame Work

Body therapies will operate in all levels





Orange Level

What you need to do
at Body Therapies

  • Masks are a requirement for your appointment at body therapies

If you have an exemption you need to notify me prior

How to use a mask safely - which is the best mask for protection?

  • Body Therapies is a close contact service so therefore to limit risk customers are required to have a vaccine pass that can be scanned and verified at your appointment (the requirement of vaccine passes will be re-assessed in the next few weeks or until in green level of the cpf)

You will be asked to confirm this when booking your appointment online and or via your new client form

  • Use hand santiser upon entry/before and after your appointment or alternatively wash your hands

All booked appointments need to be in the name of the person attending the appointment

Please only book in the name of the person the appointment is for.

This is important for health screening and privacy (to avoid any confusion please contact Megan directly for new client name changes outside of 24 hrs notice)

If you are booking this for another person please make sure their full name, email and mobil number is entered when you create the customer account. 

If this is a gift or surprise, please make all notes and any details applicable of this.

Please add your contact details in the comment section of the booking

ie: who you would like to receive notifications, reminders and payment for the booking


ILLNESS and Cancellation

If you are unwell you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment immediately.

If your children or some one close to you are Unwell (with any symptoms-This is including anything that is seemingly mild)-

And you are feeling well. Please DO NOT wait until you are unwell to cancel your appointment at the last minute.


Covid Illness or Isolating

If you have been in contact with anyone isolating, unwell- a family member or you have been in contact with friends or others that have any symptoms of a virus,cold/flu, you are a close contact, and or you have to isolate. You need to reschedule or cancel your appointment immediately.

Covid - Recovery - When to book a massage?

If you have had covid-19 and have already isolated for 7 days, and it has been at least 10 days since the first onset of symptoms and you are Completely Symptom Free for at least 48 hours (if not longer), you are feeling well again and are fully recovered.


In general I would highly recommend waiting at least 14 days until you have a massage and feel fully recovered. This also depends on any lingering symptoms after completion of illness, individual heath and how mild or severe the illness has been and whether there are lingering side effects.

If in doubt please feel free to be in contact with me if you unsure when to have a massage.

*Please do not show up to your appointment unwell or with symptoms, as you will be refused treatment and you will be expected to pay 100%  for your appointment*


Please choose your appointment time carefully when making a booking. I do understand illness, extreme circumstances and also other plans come up and can happen at the last minute without a lot of notice. If cancellation is within 48-24hrs of your appointment a fee will be required and will be charged. This includes online prepaid appointments, gift vouchers or customer credits.


Only in some instances, at the discretion of Body Therapies part or all of the cancellation fee will be invoiced or this may be waived depending on extreme individual circumstances.



There is a running wait list for Body Therapies (see below to join)

However Last minute and Late notice cancelled appointments can not always be filled,  this means this is a lost appointment and a loss of time and income to my small business.

Please take the time to read Body Therapies cancellation policy below. This has always been a common standard policy. Booking an appointment with body therapies confirms you understand this.

Duration of appointments

  • Please note some services or longer appointments may not be available during orange

*Body Therapies may opt to limit the availability of some appointments*

Thank you. I appreciate your consideration, support and understanding.


Once you have booked your appointment


  • You will receive two emails and an SMS.


1st email: Confirmation with your full booking details

2nd email: A reminder 5 days prior to your scheduled appointment

You will be sent an automatic SMS reminder 24hrs prior to your appointment

These are complimentary email's and sms reminders. Your booking is your responsibility to add to your diary and to remember appointments.

Prior to coming in for your appointment

You will be sent a secure and private digital New Client Consultation form to your email or mobil phone.


Please fill in and submit no later than the day before and not on the day of your appointment. This will cut into your appointment time, this is an important part of health screening prior to your appointment. This new client form is securely and privately connected to the clients name, email and phone number.

Please ensure the persons name booked for the appointment is correct, as this will save time and avoid confusion.

*Please read full Privacy Policy*

Health and safety - Hygiene and sanitation


If you need to use the bathroom, please be aware this is shared with other businesses, and keep in mind safe distancing at all times, please do not stop in the entrance ways

All appointments have a larger gap in between

This is to allow for my usual time for cleaning and this is also to allow proper ventilation of the treatment room,

re heating/cooling, changing linen and re setting the room, plus with the added time for extra cleaning and sanitising surfaces using the usual Body Therapies cleaning procedures and products with 70% alcohol and vira clean that kills a broad spectrum of bugs and viruses.

Purafis face Shield is proudly used at Body Therapies to reduce bacteria and the spread of germs

Read more here on Purafis



Changing your appointment

I understand things come up at the last minute, and you may have to reschedule. If you need to make any changes to your appointment I would recommend you doing it outside of 48 hours or longer notice is better. So another person may have the opportunity to take the appointment.

Email confirmation: Change your appointment Button  Need to change your booked appointment? You can from your email confirmation and also the reminder email 5 days out of your appointment.

At the bottom of your emails click on the change or cancel button this will take you to the calendar to change your appointment. 


Please arrive just prior to your appointment time. Ring the crystal bell in the entrance. Use hand sanitiser provided.

There is a set of stairs to the treatment room


Wait List



Body Therapies has a wait List, however notice given to a client needs to be reasonable. Last minute appointments can not always be filled, and therefore the appointment ends up missed and this is a loss to all.

Please be mindful when booking an appointment.

If you do need to reschedule or cancel, please do so with plenty of notice if this is possible (see Cancellation policy below) so that another person could benefit.

Request to be on the wait list below

Your preferred appointment time is not available.

You can join the wait List.

Appointments book out quickly from 4 weeks or longer and Saturday's are very popular.

Join the wait list, as appointment times can change quickly. Once your request has been submitted, if a time becomes available you will be contacted according to your request and only for the the period of time you have specified that you would like to be on the wait list for an appointment. 


Being on the wait list is not seen as securing a booking. It is very highly recommended to book the first available appointment via the online booking calendar and then you can also opt to go on the wait list for an earlier time.

Cancellation Policy



48 Hours Notice is required to cancel your appointment

Cancelling within this time frame may result in up to a 100% cancellation fee or admin fee to cover the unfilled appointment. You may also receive an invoice to cover this. You need to contact Megan directly to make any changes within this period. 0221716422

  • If you reschedule your appointment within 48-24hrs notice the above fee may also be reduced, this is also depending on individual circumstances. ie: Illness, emergency or injury, and if appointments are able to be filled. This is not always possible at late notice.

  • Why not send someone in your place to your appointment! Avoid any cancellation fees and all you need to do is contact me directly with a minimum of 24 hours notice with the new clients full name, email and mobil number.

  • Unwell/Illness/Injury

If you are unwell and showing any signs of illness: first symptoms of cold, flu, or virus fever, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, running nose or sneezing, or have been in contact with any type of virus that could potentially be contagious. This includes being in contact with anyone including family or friends with the same symptoms. You need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you turn up unwell to your appointment this will be cancelled and 100% payment maybe required. 


If you have sustained any injuries or anything else that could potentially be a barrier to treatment you need to be in contact with me directly and as soon as possible to discuss this to make sure your treatment can go ahead.

I understand illness, extreme circumstances or emergency can not always be predicted. Therefore in some cases you may be exempt from the cancellation fee.  


Please do not arrive to your appointment unwell on the day as this will result in full cancellation and 100% charge applied to cover your appointment. If in doubt please contact me with as much notice as possible to discuss and to reschedule. Please be mindful and considerate of others. 

  • On the day cancellations, No Shows or failure to give sufficient notice to change or cancel an appointment will result in 100% cancellation fee.

  • Late arrivals for appointments are charged 100% for full appointment time

  • Massage and holistic healing therapies is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Please consult the appropriate advice from your general doctor or physician.