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Appointments book out in advance anywhere from 4-8weeks, and sometimes longer. Saturday's are popular so I recommend to plan well in advance.

If an appointment time is not available via online bookings calendar. Submit your request to join the Wait List.

Currently I am a one woman team, so couples massage is not available.

You are welcome to book massages one after the other.

If your dates are not available I recommend joining the above wait list or please be in contact to let me know your request.


About Megan

With over 19 years experience in Massage and Body therapies, Megan is qualified in Therapeutic, and Deep Tissue Massage.


Having also studied Kinesiology, Energy Balancing and the Healing Arts, Megan uniquely combines modalities in order to provide an in depth holistic view when working with massage and body therapy.  

When combining western anatomy and physiology with eastern philosophies and Chinese five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) and the meridian energy system, Megan draws on a vast collection of skills and tools to apply to body treatments.


It is this unique way of working with her clients that allows Megan to treat the whole person during any of her sessions, restoring, relaxing, and returning the body to a balanced state. 


A unique form of massage that involves a holistic approach to

relaxing and balancing the body.

This is a gentle hand’s on energy healing that brings balance to the body’s energy system, Megan offers sessions that will restore balance, and give you a renewed sense of peace, and wellbeing to your 


Energy Work



                                         Megan McClure                                         

Tel: 022-171-6422

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What Clients Say


My experience with Megan has been nothing short

of life changing. Through her energy healing work

and intuitive approach she has helped me

work through so many personal struggles with

truly incredible results.

I can't recommend her enough and am constantly

telling friends and family to go and see her! 


Dec, 2019

                                             Nov, 2019

Great service very professional


                                                  Aug, 2018


Megan is one of the best masseuses I've ever seen when it comes to sports and deep tissue treatments. She has really helped with injury recovery and loosening up pre-race. Couldn't recommend her more highly. Thanks Megan!



                                                  Aug, 2018

Great, relaxing massage. Megan listens to her clients and focuses on any problem areas. A great, healing touch.



                                            Sept, 2018