Important Alert Level 2 Information

 Please do not come into an appointment: 

If you have come into contact with any suspected, probable or confirmed Covid 19 cases, through travel or work, within at least 14 days. If you, a family member or your child are unwell, and have any symptoms of a virus or cold/ flu even if seemingly mild you have to cancel your appointment. Please see Booking information and Policies here

Body Therapies - Services for Level 2


*Please note Pregnancy Massage is not available until further notice*.


Online bookings will not be available for an initial time. 



Prior to booking your appointment

You will need to fill in an update to your health form, if you have not already. I will send this to you via SMS (email on request, if you do not have a mobil phone).

This has to be filled out prior to confirming your booking (not on the day of your appointment). I will ask you for any updates to your health prior to your booking, to make sure you are 100% well - this includes being in close contact with covid 19.

If you have any pre-existing conditions or current health concerns that are concerning you or are not regulated or under control. Or if you have or had a previous condition and you think it may be a potential concern I would recommend holding off booking massage until further lower levels. Please feel free to be in contact to discuss this further. 

Ministry of Health Website

Arrival to your Appointment

  • You will need to arrive just a few minutes prior to start your appointment on time and no earlier. 

This is very important to maintain safe distancing and prevent any interaction with clients and to allow enough time to clean and sanitise. Please do not bring anyone extra to your appointment. 


  • If my sign is on the front door, this will indicate if I am still with a client, and or cleaning. I will ask that you remain outside at the safe required distance to prevent interaction. I will call you in or text when it is time. 


  • Hand sanitiser will be at the entrance.

Use this upon arrival and leaving. Alternatively, if you can not use hand sanitiser, you need to wash your hands under warm/hot soapy water for the required 20 seconds and use paper towel. 

Shared Surfaces

The entrance area will be clear of contact shared items, like magazines, etc. 


  • Please do not bring anything unnecessary and extra to your appointment

  • There will be a provided container for your clothes and all belongings. This will be sanitised and cleaned between clients. You can bring a water bottle with you. I recommend this if you feel more comfortable. I will have water available and disposable cups. 

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the treatment room

  • Sneeze and cough etiquette considered at all times, cough, or sneeze into the elbow followed by hand washing/sanitisation. Tissues placed in the bin and not left on any surfaces.

  • Please do not touch any doorknobs, or retail products or surfaces unnecessarily. I will do this for you where is needed.

  • If you have to use the bathroom, please be aware this is shared with other businesses, and keep in mind safe distancing at all times, please do not stop in the entrance ways​.

The bathroom will be cleaned and sanitised between all clients

I will be wearing PPE- gloves and a mask, apron, eye protection(for face to face contact during). This is to protect my clients and myself and is a regulation I have to adhere to with being in close contact with all clients. This is non-negotiable for this time period of level 2 and until further government notice. PPE being used in a close contact setting do reduce the risks. I would professionally prefer this at this time to ensure that risk is greatly reduced, by using caution.

You are also welcome to wear PPE into your treatment if you wish to do so however this is not asked of you. Please know the proper use before you do so. See more information here

Ministry of Health - Facemask, and Hygiene Advice


All appointments will have a gap in between of at least 30 minutes

This is to allow for my usual time for cleaning, sanitising and changing linen plus with the added time for cleaning and sanitise surfaces, and to allow proper ventilation of the treatment room, and re heating


  • All appointments are booked for the time allocated and will all run to time, and no longer


 You can pay online prior to your appointment (Online banking details are in your booking email)

This will save time and make one less contact item. Please do not bring cash unless no other option is available. My eftpos machine will be sanitised in between use and pay wave will be available during level 2, credit card fees still applies. 


To comply with current government regulations for Alert level 2

A client name list will be kept securely and privately, for the required time only. For the sole purpose of contact tracing by the ministry of health and government, and will be given only on request and shared with them. If you do not agree with this treatment may be refused. 


  • All booking records and your personal information are always kept securely and privately, you have the right to request this information or to have it corrected at any reasonable time

Covid-19 Government Website