Covid Protection Framework


When do I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment?


Please do not come into an appointment: 

  • If you have come into contact with others of any suspected, probable or confirmed Covid 19 cases, close contact, through travel, the border or work within at least 14 days.

  • If you, a family member or your children are unwell or you have been in contact with friends or others that have any symptoms of a virus,cold or flu even if seemingly mild you have to reschedule or cancel your appointment.


Please read complete Body Therapies Booking information and Policies, Illness and Cancellation here




Body Therapies

CPF Levels

Body Therapies can open in all of the covid protection framework levels - However there will be slight differences in level colours. Theses levels and requirements may be adjusted from further advice from the government and ministry of health.

*Please read other important booking information below*



Red - Current Level

Vaccine Passes and verification, masks are required to wear for your whole appointment, the use of hand sanitiser before and after your appointment.

Please note some services or longer appointments 

and days of operation may not be available during Level Red

*Body Therapies may opt to limit some appointments*




Vaccine Passes and verification, and masks are required


*If close contact business choose to operate under the covid protection frame work - Vaccine Passes and masks may be required*

More information click below:



My Vaccine Pass to download and information








Body Therapies - Services for Covid Protection Framework


Please note some services or longer appointments 

and days of operation may not be available during CPF Level Red

*Body Therapies may limit appointments to existing clients*



Prior to booking your appointment

I will ask you for any updates to your health prior to your booking, to make sure you are well - this includes being in close contact with covid 19. This will be when you book online prior to your appointment or on the day of your appointment

Vaccine Passes

All clients existing and new will require a vaccine pass to make a booking at Body Therapies.

You will be asked via online bookings, via your new intake digital client form or notified prior to your scheduled appointment that this is required. Your vaccine pass will need to be digitally verified upon arrival to your appointment.

This will only be needed currently for your first visit and will be recorded privately and secure on your client file for future visits



If you have any pre-existing conditions or current health concerns that are concerning you or are not regulated or under control. Or if you have or had a previous condition and you think it may be a potential concern I would recommend holding off booking massage until further lower levels. Please feel free to be in contact to discuss this further. 

* See below links

Ministry of Health Website - Advice for people at risk

More information Click here



Covid-19 Government Website

More information click here

Vaccination for covid 19

Please keep in mind when having a massage or body treatments, this may exacerbate some side effects and symptoms that may be experienced with having the covid 19 vaccine. 

I recommend booking your massage appointment away from this where possible. If you have an appointment scheduled and you are experiencing any side effects please be in touch as soon as possible to re schedule your appointment for when you are feeling well again. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to be in touch with me and or

call your GP or Healthline free on 0800 611 116 for health advice and information


See the link below for further information on common side effects.

Ministry of Health - Vaccine side effects



Arrival to your Appointment

Sign in

Covid Tracer App 

This is a legal requirement for Body Therapies to operate and to comply with government requirements under the CPF for all clients and visitors to sign in.

A valid Vaccine Pass is required.

To comply with current government regulations for CPF

A client name list will be kept securely and privately as per the current and regular booking system for Body Therapies, for the required time only. For the sole purpose of contact tracing by the ministry of health and government, and will be given only on request and shared with them. This includes Vaccine passes.



Hand Hygiene

  • Hand sanitiser will be at the entrance. Use this upon arrival and leaving.

Alternatively if you can not use hand sanitiser, wash your hands under warm/hot soapy water for the required 20 seconds and use paper towel.

Arrival Time 

Please arrive just a few minutes prior to start your appointment on time and no earlier 

All appointments are booked for the time allocated and will run to time, and no longer.

The time in between clients is allocated for extra cleaning and ventilation. 

This is important for maintaining safe distancing and prevent any interaction with clients and to allow enough time to clean, sanitise and ventilate.

Please also do not bring anyone extra to your appointment.

Shared Surfaces

The entrance area will be clear of contact shared items, like magazines, business cards etc. 


  • Please do not bring anything unnecessary and extra to your appointment

  • There will be a provided container for your clothes and all belongings. This will be sanitised and cleaned between clients. You can bring a water bottle with you. I recommend this if you feel more comfortable. I will have water available and disposable cups. 

  • Sneeze and cough etiquette considered at all times, cough, or sneeze into the elbow followed by hand washing/sanitisation. Tissues placed in the bin and not left on any surfaces.

  • Please do not touch any doorknobs, or retail products or surfaces unnecessarily. I will do this for you where is needed.



  • If you need to use the bathroom, please be aware this is shared with other businesses, and keep in mind safe distancing at all times, please do not stop in the entrance ways​.

The bathroom will be cleaned and sanitised between all clients


 I will be wearing a face mask at all times. This is to protect my clients and myself. This a government requirement

I have to adhere to while being in close contact with all clients and not being able to maintain safe distancing. Customers please wear a face mask when you come in for your appointment.

Ministry of Health - Facemask, and Hygiene Advice


and gift vouchers

 You can pay online prior to your appointment (Online banking details are in your booking email)

for gift vouchers you can purchase online and request a card voucher to pick up. See gift voucher page

This will save time and make one less contact item. Please do not bring cash unless no other option is available. My eftpos machine will be sanitised in between use and pay wave will be available during, credit card fees applies. 

All appointments have a larger gap in between

This is to allow for my usual time for cleaning and this is also to allow proper ventilation of the treatment room,

re heating/cooling, changing linen and re setting the room, plus with the added time for extra cleaning and sanitising surfaces using the usual Body Therapies cleaning procedures and products with 70% alcohol and vira clean that kills a broad spectrum of bugs and viruses.



If you have any questions please be in touch here